LJ Design & Consulting is now Wheat Design Group!

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• Planting
• Irrigation
• Hardscape
• Lighting
• Erosion Control
• Development Plans
• Water Harvesting
• Streetscape/Urban Design
• Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities


• Masterplanning
• Native Plant Inventory
• Construction Administration
• Water Budgeting
• Design Scheduling
• Visual Impact Assessment
• Relevé Analysis

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About Us

Wheat Scharf Associates and LJ Design & Consulting have merged to form Wheat Design Group. This merger will allow us to better serve you and provide a wider range of expertise and experience. We are still committed to providing innovative, functional and unique landscape design services to a range of clients. In every project we strive for timely, technically accurate plans and maintain continuous contact with our clients throughout the design process.

We ask questions, listen and respond to all of our client’s needs to produce designs that are unique to each and every project, and we pride ourselves by meeting and exceeding client expectations. We not only have the design experience necessary to plan your project, but we have the construction administration experience ready and available to make the project a reality.

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Our Work

We are founded on the philosophy that innovation, efficiency and collaboration are the keys to any successful project. We have a deep-rooted passion for our arid environment and we utilize desert plants in ways that showcase their unique and sculptural qualities. We have a detailed and direct response to each site and work to integrate our Client’s lifestyle and love for outdoor living not only into the entire project, but also into smaller microclimates as well.

We have provided design and consulting services on projects for discerning homeowners, developers, architects, and the National Park Service, as well as city, county, and state agencies. We have a history of facilitating successful design projects while adhering to necessary landscape guidelines and individual budgets.

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Wheat Design Group (WDG) is a landscape architecture firm that believes design can create meaningful and sustainable projects through collaboration, innovation, incorporating Low Impact Development / Green Infrastructure principles such as water harvesting, the conservation of natural and cultural resources and public art. Our work focuses on urban streets, roads, highways and multi-modal facilities, public open space, institutional facilities, community and neighborhood enhancement, parks, residential and commercial properties. Learn More